Lunch- boxes or works of art?

I’ve stumbled onto quite a few Instagrams of late that are just about kiddies lunchboxes. Mums that take photos of their child’s perfectly put together lunch for the day. It’s addictive to watch and I’m kinda obsessed with this whole phenomenon.

Mothers who make lunches for their small kiddies for daycare or Kinder,  you may want to turn away now .

You may have mixed reactions . You will never view your child’s lunchbox in the same way again. I actually want to have another child just so I can do this new funky lunchbox thing.  I thought I was all smug when I bought the lime green divided Tupperware sandwich keeper but this is next level stuff.


These aren’t any old thrown together lunch-boxes but more like mini works of art. Sandwiches cut into butterfly shapes, perfect pieces of colourful fruit cut and displayed in patterns, fun little containers or skewers that hold little chunks of food in to place. It’s all about the assessories that you put in to the lunchbox too like Little Kitty mini sauce containers , pastel coloured tiny plastic moulds for food to be presented in and cute skewers that you pop into the top of chunks of food. The list of cuteness goes on and on. I kinda like it , it’s adorable in fact . I wanna know who has this kind of  time on their hands in the morning to prepare these mini masterpieces then take snaps of them for all to see? I don’t know about you but I’m flat-out boiling the jug in the morning let alone put on a lunchbox spread of this magnitude.


I am trying to picture my dear mum back in the 70’s dissecting my jam sandwiches into unicorn shapes and chopping up my Vegemite Saos into layers of symmetrical perfection for my lunch.Then taking a photo of it and sharing it around with her girlie friends . Hilarious how times have changed .