The most senseless gift you could give a mum.

I know I will cop flak from my crafty, arty friends but I have just stumbled across THE most stupidest Xmas gift of all time . It is called “cookies in a jar ” and under no circumstances should you give this to any busy , overworked and harried mother. Especially leading into the days before Xmas. It looks a little something like this. ImageSweet isn’t it?

But why? Why dear lord why would anyone feel the need to gift a jar full of dry ingredients to a mum that is already stressed out in the lead up to Christmas. “Hey luv, here is a little gift for you , Merry Christmas and all now get baking ” … Really ? When did this all start happening?

A friend told me about this concept the other day and it sorta sounded cute. A cute little gift for your 8 year old daughter’s best friend perhaps. School fetes, Mother’s Day stall – perfect – as long as I don’t get one. 

I think the thing that annoys me about this is you still have to add shit to it like eggs, butter, oil and vanilla then mix and dirty a bowl, muffin tin and kitchen. Having fun yet? 

Don’t even get me started on the many variations of “cookies in a jar ” such as “pumpkin bread in a jar” or ” pecan muffins in a jar” and the most disturbing of them all….drumroll please………for “SOUP in a jar”. HIDEOUS. I would rather line up at the local community soup kitchen than get freaking soup in a jar . At least at the soup kitchen the soup is cooked and you even get a day old bread roll with it. 

So if you have some empty jars laying around the house and you feel the need to fill it with something and give to a mum , make sure it’s called ” cocktail in a jar ” . It will be put to good use immediately and you will probably  even get to take the jar back home with you within 5 minutes. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. x




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