Kick arse cacao guilt free balls

Having having a sweet tooth is hard work. Trying to resist all things chocolate just doesn’t seem right. Chocolate makes me happy . Simple as that. Chocolate helps my stress levels.

I had heard of cacao, I had heard that it was super healthy and tastes like chocolate. Healthy because it is chocolate in its raw state and not full of the rest of the crap that makes chocolate taste so amazing .Raw food, amazing health benefits and tastes exactly like chocolate. Bullshit I thought. 

It seemed like everyone around me was singing the praises of the stuff. I was still skeptical. Having a chocolate addiction will do that to you. 

Always not wanting to be left out with whatever fad is going around I decided I would try it. I wanted to be in the hip crowd. I wanted to fit in. I wanted to break away from my love affair with the fake stuff. 

Off to the local health food store I went. I told the girl I wanted Cacao , STAT. I was now on a mission to make these damn cacao ball things . I left with my bag of cacao, agave syrup and almond meal . 

Making these things in a blender was a bit off putting but I soldiered on with determination that my family would eat these balls for dessert. Goddamit. It was going to happen. 

Amazingly they were easy to make and looked pretty spesh when all rolled and dusted in the mighty cacao powder.

Now for the taste test. My first victim was my 18 year old son who happened to walk through the door at the exact time I was trying to bribe my 11 year old . Looking like I had been digging in the dirt with the amount of cacao all over me I managed to stuff one in his mouth. As he chewed and chewed then asked for a glass of water to wash it down he gave it the thumbs up. I was cunning enough to refer to them as “mud bites” ….”you know like the cafe down the road has?” I told him.

They are seriously delish. I am so amazed at how good they taste. even more so with a coffee. I make them all the time and they really do hit the sweet spot. I could only imagine how awesome they would be with a splash of liqueur in them. 






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